Saturday, November 13, 2010

Stressfree in Sydney

We had a long weekend for Diwali and combined a work trip with the long weekend to spend some time in Sydney. We simply walked around the city aimlessly, sat at cafes along the harbour and watched people walk by - - it was a much needed break from what has been very busy and hectic time at work for both H & me.

But since you asked, here are some interesting tidbits of random information from the Sydney trip:

1) We were neighbours with Russell Crowe! We never saw him of course, but our hotel was right next to his house in Sydney.

2) The Aria awards were held on the same weekend when we were in Sydney; and while we were walking along Circular Quay we watched many limos and flashlights and saw many Aussie celebs. We had no idea who they were; but they were certainly celebs and they performed live at the awards ceremony next to the Opera House that evening.

3) I climbed to the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge! I was nervous that I may feel dizzy at that height; but it was actually quite an easy climb. Well done, Radha!

4) Cafes in Sydney serve the best coffee. Ever.