Thursday, July 29, 2010


So why do Cobb & team think "inception" is such an impossibly difficult thing to do anyway? Isn't that how advertising, peer pressure and housing bubbles work? Because someone 'incepts' an idea in our minds which we believe is our own? Hacking into dreams probably is the most expensive although the coolest option, yes!

A great thriller of a movie, by the way!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Baby no more

K is officially a toddler now. His crib has been converted to a bed; his cloth-shoes have been replaced by Crocs; he's off his Avent bottles and on to straw & sippy-cups; his gibberish is slowly turning into real words. The pace and enormousness of these changes are exciting and also slightly depressing. I'm proud of my muchkin's little milestones; but can't let go of the babyhood which I already so miss.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

The kind of stuff that make Sundays special

Butter-chicken and roti for lunch.
A walk with K; him on his 'elephant car'.
A late night movie with friends.
Pictures of friends on Facebook & a 'like' button under them.
Unexpectedly finding black trousers that fit well, at the mall.
Threading of some bushy eyebrows.
A sleeping baby. In his own crib.

The universe is finally paying me back for all the heartache & headache it has caused me over the past 2 weeks (involved a taxi-strike & non-stop rain in Mumbai, a nasty viral infection & K, a nanny on leave, a tough work week in Singapore, a botched up flight booking, and more).