Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The holiday

Before I had a chance to recover from the jetlag of the NY trip, we headed out to the US again. On holiday this time. And to the other coast.

It was all about family reunions in the cities (H's brother's family lives near LA; met with my cousin golfing goddesses in Vegas after I don't know how many years & then met with my cousins-I-grew-up-with in San Francisco & took a road trip to Monterey). As Indian family reunions go, a lot of great food was consumed in every city (the food in San Fran was outstanding, and in LA we dined at Robert DeNiro's fine dining restaurant one evening - how Hollywood :))

We spent the next week in the mountains: first in Yosemite & then in Napa. Yosemite was gorgeous and I feel like I've seen heaven now! There was a moment in our bike ride when we came face-to-face with a baby deer & its going to be one of the most beautiful moments of my life. The cliffs, the meadows, the waterfalls, the sun, the nippy breeze, the pines, the rocks....I have 600-odd pictures on my camera! The weekend in Napa was about, what else but wine, wine, and wine :) I can actually tell the difference between two kinds of wine now! That's a victory of sorts.Had a great time and have come back inspired & happy; as holidays should make you feel!

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Movies watched in the-longest-flight-ever

Midnight in Paris - I really enjoyed it, although it borders on cheesy (before going back to being charming).

Water for Elephants - Could've been an epic love story, but isn't. Definitely isn't.

Limitless - Your staple Hollywood thriller stuff.

Source Code - Firstly, how great is Jake Gyllenhall. The movie is interesting as well. A thriller with a twist & the ability to make you wonder.

Kungfu Panda 2 - Awesomeness.

Saturday, August 06, 2011

The week in Manhattan

It was exhilarating being a Manhattan banker for a week. I stayed in a hotel in midtown, walked to a bagel shop in the mornings for breakfast & coffee, then walked to Park Avenue for work, people-watching as I walked (both men & women in NY are so well styled!); I had a cubicle with a view of the Empire State building; and I lunched & dined in chic Manhattan cafes with interesting people everyday. The 5th Avenue was a few blocks away & although I'm not a big shopper I admit to have been drawn in :) It was a great way to see New York, sans the museums and parks (which I love dearly but didn't see at all on this trip). It was the business New York on this trip. And that too in one of the most chaotic weeks on Wall Street, close enough to hear the rumble & tumble.

When one lives in Singapore for too long, one begins to expect glitz & shininess out of big cities. New York is old, there are old cars for taxis, old elevator in brown brick buildings, old hot dog vendors selling from old stalls. A city with age has a charm, no?

But I'm longing to go home now into the arms of my two favorite men, and a 19 hours flight stands between them & me.