Saturday, April 23, 2016

Gosh, this blog made it to 10 years!!!

10 years makes a decade! That sounds like a staggeringly long period of time! It certainly didn't feel like it though, and when I started I certainly didn't expect petty-change to be alive 10 years later. How crazy is it that it lived and told the story of my life over the 10 years in many petty changes that led to my personal evolution (or so I would like to think - who would choose to believe in devolution anyway). 

In celebration of this blog's 10th birthday, I went back to scroll through some of my posts from 2006, and I picked this one to repost as a celebration of that evolution.

Friday, April 22, 2016


I met my childhood soulmate Uma after 6 years. In Bali. So you can imagine the excitement leading up to this trip. 

Childhood friends have an unfair advantage over newer friends... They've seen you before you learnt to wear your different masks. They've seen you #nofilter. Years pass by, you add complexities to yourself and your life, you evolve and change, you go from being a person to being a family, you absorb influences and cultures, you adapt, and after a while everyone forgets that original person underneath. Meeting that person again, through an old friend, is an unusual kind of joy!

Bali was great as usual, scorching but great. A bicycle tour around villages of Ubud, and some fantastic meals also contributed towards making it a memorable trip!

K's 7th

7 is the new 17. Seriously, he talks like a teenager, behaves like one, and is complicated like one. The silver lining, he still allows me to kiss and cuddle him (not in front of his friends though).

In the theme of his latest obsession, he celebrated his 7th birthday at the Army Museum and the most loved birthday gift was a book on World War II. There goes my hope of raising a Gandhian. 


I have a lot to catch up on. First, there was a quick trip to Perth to see our friends S & A who may be leaving Perth soon. Lovely weather, the most beautiful sunset at Cottesloe Beach, the most delish seafood at Freemantle and some great (and so very reasonably priced) Aussie wine.

Fun fact learnt on the trip: Did you know Koalas sleep over 20 hours a day? I see a resemblance... Think I married a wrong species?