Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A tooth is sprouting!

I'm going to miss the toothlessness :-(

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Working from Mumbai

I've been working from our Mumbai office all this week on a short work stint. It's been kind of strange. I'm working in Mumbai after 6-7 years; and although I love it here, I have to admit sometimes its just not the same Mumbai for me anymore (I'm just nostalgic, not anti-progress).

What else? Was my first time on the sea-link this Monday. It's no doubt an iconic structure & the Mumbai skyline looks deceptively pretty from it (especially with the morning sun & haze). But in terms of delivering what it was supposed to do, I guess its a case of too little, too late - the traffic at both ends of the sea-link is terrible! Takes me around 2 hours to get home every evening. Used to be 1.5 hours 6 years ago. Without the sea link.

But love the perks of working in South Bombay - Have had most of my meals at "Ideal Corner" enjoying some great Parsi food; have cutting-chai every afternoon & a deep-fried snack which is otherwise avoidable has become a must :)

Friday, January 08, 2010

Movies I watched

Avatar: I was disappointed with the movie. Visually, it was undoubtedly beautiful, imaginative & the mega-scale of it was breathtaking. I was a bit envious of the animation team; I wish I had a job like that - to let your imagination lose & to dream up a new & beautiful world. Also, 3D was fun*. The movie on the whole, however, was not so great for me.

3 Idiots: Had a good number of hilarious moments; I was laughing aloud in the movie hall. But the rona-dhona/ giving-the-social-message scenes spoiled the movie for me; I wish the movie had just stuck to being funny. The vaccum cleaner delivery scene made me cringe & the newborn responding to "Aal is well" made it worse (the experience of suction-delivery was perhaps all too close to me); and it irked me how everyone on the college campus seemed ready for suicide at the drop of the hat. Btw, I distinctly remember this joke from when I was 7 or 8 -"The Pakistani astronaut spent billions of rupees to invent a pen that would work in space & then the Indian used a pencil".

Sherlock Holmes: Haven't seen the movie yet; but I'm dying to. My friend M thinks the movie is not meant for us (as in those who grew up reading Sherlock Holmes); its like finding out Santa doesn't exist. But the thought of Robert Downey Jr & Guy Ritchie together makes me want to watch anyway!

* H thinks Chota Chetan had more fun 3D effects than Avatar, can you believe it?

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Back from India...

It was the kind of break that deserves another break to recover from the break. A wedding, a jetlagged 9-month old & a whole lot of family & friends!