Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Dan Dan Noodles

My love for certain types of food comes & goes in phases (Have been through a "Din Tai Fung" phase where I ate dumplings for lunch all days of a week; have been through a McFlurry phase where every meal had to end with McFlurry for dessert; and have been through a Butter Chicken phase which lasted 9 months of my pregnancy)

This is my current phase: Dan Dan Mian. I wake up every morning telling myself that I will not eat the same thing for lunch again today; but around lunch time my body takes me to the same restaurant. What's wrong with me?

Monday, June 27, 2011

An Ode to a Sovereign Debt Crisis

The ancient land,
Where the Gods were born,
Land of a mighty Hercules,
And his fits of Insanity.

As the Parliament argues,

Over austerity & EU bail-outs;
Who survives that grave fall from glory,
But Insanity.

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Embarassing parent moments

K (loudly, pointing to an old bearded Muslim man): Mama, look Santa Claus!
Me: Stop pointing please. That's not Santa.
K (still pointing & loud): That's not Santa? Is that Mr. Gnome?
Me: The waiter is getting coffee for everyone. We've asked him to get some coffee for you too!
K (when the waiter is at our table): Mama, is this man getting some?
K saw his dad coming out of his bathroom in a towel, promptly ran out to the living room & told his nanny: "My dadda is running around without clothes".
A neighbour in our condo gave K a cookie.
Me: Wow...who gave you that cookie, K?
K (pointing) : The fat man.