Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Halloween Sushi

Sushi inspired by Edward Munch's "Scream"! I think it's hilarious! :))


Sneha said...

haha - this is funny!

how's it going Radha? hope you (and the lil' one) are keeping well :-)

Parth said...


Radha said...

It's going good...much better than a month ago! :)


Moi said...

groovy!!!!!! i would have never thought of the "scream" reference if you had not pointed it out...... :)

so how's it like to be three and a half months preg??? :) if i were somewhere closer i'd have loved to do a family portrait for you guys :)

kaya said...

funny! LOL
not the kind of food I wanna look at when Im queasy tho.
Waiting for ur email address jaaani

Radha said...

Its month no. 4 already! :)
Its going good...much better now that the nausea has subsided!

Yes, i'm off sushi for the entire nine months -- no raw fish allowed!