Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I met Kapil Dev today!!

I would usually be excited to meet any cricket celebrity, but I was especially excited today because this was the first time I actually had a long conversation with one of them. And that too with the legendary Kapil Dev...! :)

Kapil was in here doing a roadshow for ICL, thats how he landed up in our office today. Honestly, I wasn't such a big fan of his until now. But he's just such a terrific guy; unassuming, no hang-ups; and such a chatterbox! We spoke about his first appearance on television --for the Palmolive ad; and about his old pals Ravi & Sunny; about Sachin; about the future of one-day cricket; about cricket leagues; and of course, he spoke about Mandira Bedi (because he was talking to me, a woman, and thought that I would have an opinion on women commentators & their sari fashions).

Mementos from the meeting: an autographed mini-bat & a cricket ball bowled by Kapil himself! I'm so pleased :)


Fighter Jet said...

lucky u :)

666 said...

Wow.. good mementos. Btw have you heard of Abhimanyu in his mother's womb! M sure your son was listening as well :-) Who knows .. might wield the willow when he grows up !!

Sneha said...

That's amazing! Have you clicked a snap with him as well?

Jas Bhambra said...

"Palmolive Da Jawaab Nahin"
I remember those advertisements, the criticism on his playing style...aar ya paar, either a sixer or clean bowled...and the rest...but you are right, he is a simple, unassuming individual.

Parth said...

Wow! Lucky you. What did he say about Sachin?

Radha said...

Fighter Jet,
I know! :)

Hahha, now the only thing standing between our baby & a career in sports, is probably the genes he inherits from both of us!

Yup, just uploaded it!

Yeah, actually he told me he was paid Rs.15000 for that Palmolive ad & he was so excited because it was big money at that time! :)

He thought Sachin has so much talent; he could've achieved a lot more than he has....if only he was stronger mentally.

Kanishka Agiwal said...

Did you run the back of your palm on his face and say "Palmolive da jawaab nahin?" That is a must..although his stubble says a different story.

How does 666 know it is a boy?

Happy Reader said...

Wow!! Thats terrific! Great mementos :)

Jas Bhambra said...

U look so pretty! :)

@Kanishka, 666 knows because he knows all!

U missed the post, read it here:

Jayne said...

Wow, lucky you!! What lovely momentos too & something you can tell Junior all about in a few years time :-)

D said...

how cool is this???!!!!

Kanishka Agiwal said...

Oh, hamara bad!!

Moi said...

so cool!!! I have been in love with him ever since i can remember....i even forgave him for crying on TV..........

and you are the sweetest!!!! :)

Satyajit said...

how did he introduce himself? "Myself Kapil. Yourself?" hahaha...

Na. Really like the guy. The only one in this country with a pair of nuts. Spoke little, but got us the world cup.

Radha said...

No, i didnt do that :) We had a regular grown-up peoples' conversation. A little boring, I know!

Happy Reader,
I know!!


Isn't it?? :))

Yeah, I never really saw the part where he cried on tv, but had heard about it :)
And thanks :)

Thats true!

yogsma said...

Wow...really lucky...Kapil Dev was always a childhood hero for me....Kapil Dev was the only cricketer I saw in my textbook during school days. So the respect for nation's hero comes automatically. Thankfully the false news of his involvement in match fixing didn't affect our exam boards or the chapter on Kapil would have been removed by now.

Radha said...

Did he get mentioned in our text books? Didn't know that! Or rather, didn't remember that!

Vins said...
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Vineet said...

lucky u.. he is an all time favorite of mine... even had his biography (that too in hindi) when i was in class 6th.

Anonymous said...

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