Sunday, February 26, 2012


I loved watching this movie. I've been in love with cinema as far back as I remember and this tribute to the movies - the art and the science of it - made me remember all over again the sense of wonder and adventure that going to the movies used to be for me growing up. Often we take technology for granted; computer-generated special effects barely impress us anymore; and the art of story-telling especially in its visual format suffers somewhat from our jaded eyes having seen it all. I smiled when I saw the sense of amazement the cinema brought to the early movie goers; it brought back memories of my first 3D experience (an Indian kiddie movie called Chota Chetan). The story of Hugo too is very aptly set in the magical world of a child.

P.S. This movie reminded me a lot of a Marathi movie we had watched a couple of years ago: Harishchandrachi Factory.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tempura Icecream

The 'My FitnessPal' app tells me that this has 520 calories per scoop. But if there's a dessert that's worth adding calories for, then this is it! Drooling & smiling at Ichiban Boshi, Singapore.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

An Equal Music

I picked up Vikram Seth's "An Equal Music" almost a month ago & read through it rather slowly. I know nothing about music & about classical music I know lesser still. So I'm afraid, this book was a little wasted on me. All the references to Schubert, The Trout quintet & fugues had to be googled before I could proceed with the book. I don't think Vikram Seth intended that for his readers. I do wish I knew more about music & I wonder if its too late to start now.

The book is not just about music though. Its about people, personalities, passions. It's written very much like a musical composition; its lyrical, poetic even, full of allegories. The dymanics of a quartet who exist only in unison, their relationship with their instruments, their pursuit of excellence, and a love story of two exquisite musicians who are imperfect people with faults & warts. The book doesn't even attempt to make the protagonist likeable; does make you respect as well as pity him for the music and passion he deeply feels. I have a feeling I would've been very engaged in this book had I known or loved music slightly more than I do.

Monday, February 20, 2012

The Singapore Airshow

Thank you Pilot A for introducing us to the world of flying! :)