Tuesday, February 03, 2015

The Imitation Game

Benedict Cumberbach, you're as magical and twistedly delicious an actor as your name is! A good movie, but a great character completely owned by the actor playing it. 

Ps: If you think this is going to be a stereotypical version of an 'unlovable-genius-lacking-social-skills' you're partly right, partly wrong. Alan Turing was a mathematical genius & war hero who turned the tide of World War II by finding a way of decoding Nazi messages, but met his end in harrowing misery as his secret life as a homosexual became public. He is seemingly a cold heartless man who can make rational decisions even when people are dying due to them,  but he does have a heart underneath which carries deep scars, sorrows, love & the dark shameful secret of his homosexuality. That's how real Benedict Cumberbach makes that heart look.