Tuesday, December 27, 2011

2011 in retrospect

Last year, I started a little tradition of writing my own My World this Year post :) So keeping with this new tradition, here's the year 2011 in retrospect:

2011 was the first year when I actually kept my new years' resolution (yippie!). It involved visits to the gym (with reducing frequency, but what the hell, I take credit for going at all). It also involved my first trekking expedition (my first time away from K; that was a difficult cord to sever); my first modelling gig (!!!); some great family holidays; some memorable work trips; some interesting new friends; reconnecting with some dear old friends; settling into the new home - -it was a busy year. It was also a tough year in many ways, but we did a good job of keeping our chin up.

The uncertainty at work still exists; but its affecting me far less now. The financial crisis has made me give destiny a free hand in determining where I'll go professionally; I'm not too fussed anymore.

Watching my dad's health deteriorate has been tough for me & my family. There are days I'm thankful I'm miles away from the chaos he wields on others in my family; and there are days I really miss being with my family. After all those teenage years of complaining about why my parents get to call all the shots; I've realised that being in charge is not all that glamorous. I miss being able to pin all my shortcomings on them! :)

This year, K grew up into a little boy. Not a baby, not a toddler, but a little boy. He makes his own decisions; succumbs to peer pressure more easily than I would like; wants to be a fireman; gives the best kisses ever; loves all things 'grown-up'; and has been pestering us for a bicycle. To our great disappointment, he's also become a Justin Beiber fan. I look back fondly at the days when he used to love Barney & Elmo.

My resolution for the new year: To skype home as frequently as possible.