Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Adventure of a Venture

Ladies & gentleman, put your hands together for (*dim the lights, drumrolls*) my new adventure & venture:

It's a social enterprise to help showcase not-already-famous artists from Asia to the worldwide audience. 

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Friday, May 16, 2014

The 2014 India elections

Phew, what an outcome. I admit I wouldn't have voted for Modi even if I were able to vote, and yet I'm feeling inspired today by the decisiveness of the country. We have chosen irrespective of caste and regional differences for the very first time; and that is definitely a turning point in history. 

P.s. Still disappointed that AAP couldn't give us a real third front, but let's put that down to good learning for the first timers.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

All The Sad Young Men by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Well it's F. Scott Fitzgerald, so what can you say. Every one of these short stories is a peek into a world of outwardly ordinary people, either found in extraordinary circumstances or wrapped up in extraordinary feelings. Every other line is quotable, and every word is delectable. Loved it!

Happy Mother's Day!

So my Mother's Day card threw me off with respect to my son's perception of me. Threw me off by miles. I've always aspired to be a good female role model for him (always reprimanding him for saying things like "girls can't play fire-fighters, they can pretend to be princesses"; or reiterating to him that the girls in his taekwando class are good a him). Of course, in return, I was hoping that he sees me as a strong and smart woman. That he sees me as someone who "dresses up prettily" came as a shock :)

We are very conscious of not speaking of others' appearances/ clothes  or even our own, in K's presence. Where in gods name has he then ended up with this perception of "pretty dresser" being such a positive??!

Fathers have an unfair advantage in being perceived as "strong". I probably do as much heavy lifting around the house (and look fitter) but K holds on to the perception that his dad is this tower of power & strength!! Hmmph!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Walk in the woods

We walked the nature trail along the Henderson Waves ending at the Hort Park last evening, and while it was a humid day, it was an enjoyable walk thanks to the lovely breeze, treetop views and the quiet beauty of nature tucked away in a city. 

More info here:

Sunday, May 11, 2014

The New Life

So it's been a couple of weeks since I let go finally of my job at the bank. It was a decision that took over a year to culminate, there was a fair bit of contemplation, back-and-forth and a tug-off war between the left and right side of my brain. But now that it's done, I can look back and say that it has been for the best :)

Of course there are things I miss. My personal bank balance not going up by a pre-determined amount on a pre-determined date every month, is not a great thing to look forward to. I miss my coffee machine social life at office too. But the one thing I miss the most, is probably the feeling of being important. Don't scoff, it sounds superficial, but a lot  of what we call "ambition" is about making oneself feel important, isn't it? I admit to missing the ego-boost that senior management brings with it.

Here's what I'm not missing though: maybe it's too soon to say this, but I'm enjoying having unstructured days. I enjoy starting the morning with an agenda for the day which I've chosen for myself. I enjoy the fact that while I'm now less liberal with the use of my credit card, I'm happier with what I'm using it for.  And I enjoy watching the various things I'm choosing to do with my time and bandwidth; some of them are surprises even to me! Some of the boundaries we make for ourselves are completely illogical and shaking things up just allows us to see that from another perspective.