Friday, September 24, 2010

I feel whiney today.

Two of my least favourite things about Singapore are happening simultaneously this year - Formula One & Mooncakes.

Formula One is the week where all roads to & from my office are blocked off; the trains are crowded (because the roads are blocked) and everyone in the city seems to be ready to spend hundreds/thousands of dollars for VIP seats/ walk around tickets/ bars with a F1 view/ Singapore Flyer/ any tall building or hotel. I don't get the sport & I don't get what the big deal is (except maybe Hamilton - he's cute).

Also, its the mid-autumn festival and nobody at work stocks up on Oreo cookies anymore; because there's always a mooncake delivery from someplace. It's not just that I don't like eating mooncakes; but more the fact that I always try one out when someone says, "Try this one, its different from the usual mooncakes"; that makes me want to kick myself. By now I should know that my taste-buds and mooncakes are not friends (even if its a cool sounding flavour like champagne-truffle)!!

Friday, September 17, 2010

K update

K is at that unpredictable age where we are always unsure about what could catch his fancy. Like, when we ask him what his favourite car is, he replies either 'dumper truck' or 'garbage truck'. He finds worms very cuddly, but teddy bears not so much; he always makes an effort to walk into dog-poo when playing in the park; stares up the skirts of women at malls; and thinks food is always tastier in other peoples' plates. Since his last bout of fever, he has been fascinated with the thermometer..."Mama, temperature?" is his recurring request these days.

On a more 'normal' note, he's turned into a little gentleman in the past few weeks. While he would previously point to the cookie jar and shout "more"; he has now started saying "more please". Any gift is now accepted graciously with a "xie-xie" and with a smile*. "Hello, how are you?" is responded to with "authum" [which is the baby word for 'awesome'].

Lastly, here's an interesting update - He has Justin Bieber's hair now! Oh alright, I know I need to get him a haircut; but thought I could put a positive spin on it!!!

*The sweeter & more chocolatey the gift, the wider is the smile- that goes without saying!

Sunday, September 05, 2010

The text message

I am the introvert's friend;
The one who's wary of conversations,
But fears loneliness more perhaps.
Who wants to be in touch,
From a distance only however;

I can make it easy for him;
I can make that happen,
The illusion of being with people,
Without the messiness of strings.
Who am I?