Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Restaurant Tag

Lotus tagged me with the ‘5 Favourite Places to eat in my City’ & being such a foodie, I’ve been wondering how I could make a shortlist of only 5 places. So I’m going go about this one cuisine at a time:

1) I was introduced to good Lebanese cuisine only when I moved to Dubai about 3 years ago. The shawarma is the single biggest gift Arabs have given to the world (Nah, its not oil, if you thought it was, then you haven’t eaten good shawarmas yet). And the best place for a good shawarma is not in a fancy Leb restaurant, but at road-side stalls. Personally I think the chicken shawarmas at Al Malla in Satwa are the best; but if I’m in the mood for more classy dining I like Nafoorah in Emirates Towers.

2) Another cuisine I tried in Dubai for the first time was Pakistani cuisine. Most people think Indian & Pakistani cuisines are the same. Not quite. Sure, they both have spices & curries; but if you’ve tried the Friday buffet at Barbeque Delights opposite Lamcy, you’ll know how the two cuisines are yummy in different ways!

3) With the huge number of Brits, one can’t escape an English restaurant in Dubai. English breakfasts are the best thing to start a weekend with & I guess nobody does that better than More Café (Murooj) or Coco’s (Shk Zayed Road). And fish-n-chips are best had at Double Decker!!

4) For Oriental food, the best restaurants are Noodle House, or the teriyaki grill at Tokyo@the Towers (Emirates Towers) – an entertaining chef chops & cooks in front of you; but mind you, he gets uncomfortable if you ask him which part of Japan he belongs to, because he is actually a Philipino :) . Sushi is not in my favourite list, but I quite liked the sushi in Sumo Bento at the 1st interchange.

5) Desserts are not a cuisine by themselves, but there are so many places I like just for their desserts! The sizzling brownie at Nandos & the carrot cake at Limetree are pure yumminess!

Finally, as per the rules of the tag, I need to tag five people from five cities; and the lucky (!!) people are: Meghna (New York), Lalunadiosa (Ithaca), Kaya (Abu Dhabi), Ayesha (Mumbai), Suramya (Bangalore).


Lotus Reads said...

Radha, thanks very much for doing the tag, I have to make note of all these restaurants so I can sample some of their delights when I visit Dubai next. I am surprised because most of these restaurants are new to me...the only one that sounds familiar is "Coco's". I lived in Satwa (close to the Jumeirah Mosque) but for some reason Al Malla won't ring a bell. Perhaps I have eaten there and just didn't know the name?

Barbeque Delights sounds wonderful...I will have to tell hubby to visit when he wants some haleem!

I am looking forward to seeing the lists of friends you have tagged...this is fun!!!

Radha said...

Well, I didnt have friends in five countries, so I made it five cities :))
Al Malla is this really small shawarma + hommos place near Diyafah round-about. Its pretty old, so you would've probably seen it; just never wanted to enter it :)

suramya said...

its a delicious post :), literally :):), never tried lebanese cuisine, though there's a restaurant opened recently in town, but I am a die hard fan of fish and chips, maybe due to all those p.g. wodehouse's I used to read :)

Kishor Cariappa said...

Pakistani tikkas are very delectable...beware, most of the food poisoning cases are linked to shawarmas here in Oman.

kaya said...

HEY NOT FAIR!! YOU gotta do mine first. Rules of engagement.

We have eaten and quite often @ BBQ delights, and love the food there, because its so home cooked food tasting.
But I think despite them redoing up the place (and hiking up the price0, they are now in serious need of a larger place.

Well soon, we will have one here in AbuDhabi. As thats in the pipeline.

Megster said...

Yummm..breakfast is my fav. meal of the day, and an English breakfast tops the list:) There's a hole-in-the-wall Pakistani place near my house, that I promise to take you to when you visit:)
And oh yes, thanks for tagging me!

Radha said...

Arabic/Lebanese food is yummy if you're a meat-lover. You should try it sometime.

I've seen your restaurant list already :) Oh I love tikkas!!

Hon, Im getting to your tag soonest!! :) I need to think hard to figure out things abt myself that nobody knows yet!! :))

I'm most interested in seeing your list, coz Im going to come there soon! :))

Moi said...

the gastronome in me loved the post, tho' i wudn't know of any of those places u have mentioned and Dubai isn't on my radar in near future..........
i simply love food and having a foodie husband doesn't help the battle of bulge i'm fighting constantly......:)

Ashutosh said...

A quote is a quote is a quote. Why does it have to be by a famous or a successful person ? :)

Radha said...

Hi Moi,
Haha! I know what you mean! H loves his food too and it shows on me :)

No comments :)

Mr. J said...

Quite a mouth watering tag this is.

Radha said...

Tks :)

Happy Reader said...

radha - sounds yummy! I tried pakistani cuisine when I visited Shanghai and the curries were quite scrumptious! I've never tried a lebanese cuisine yet..May be I should now :)

Radha said...

Pakistani food in Shanghai!! Thats interesting indeed!! :)

Nicole Tan said...

Thanks for doing the tag!!! Dubai has always been on my list of future places to go...must deifnately book mark the places you mentioned!!!

ps I created the tag and I'm so happy it is going all over the place...Come to my site for the updated list...

diyadear said...

i love shawarma too... wonder were in dallas do we get gud ones.. lemme go find out ;)

velverse said...

lovely~ Woo... I shall travel to dubai together with Nicole and try out the recommendations :D

mookuthi said...

yum yum ...i shud visit dubai soon to enjoy all this;-)

Radha said...

Hi, You've done such a great job with putting all those together!!

Maybe you could make a trip to Dubai to try out the shawarmas here :-)

Wow, loved your webpage & the effort of putting all those updates together!! :)

Yes you shd !! :)

~ a said...

Well have finally managed to write a list, Though am not completely satisfied with it!! ;)

~ a said...

There are so many of them, i lost count!! :) guess what, red box cafe was listed just yesterday in bombay times for their food and ambience!! though they said that the pop tunes were a turn off!

Radha said...

I cant stop thinking abt paav bhaaji since I've read your post! Thats one desi thing that they dont do in Dubai as well as they do in Mumbai!

~ a said...

hehe.. which leads me to the obvious question, why don't you make it! hehe.. bet you get all those MDH masalas and all... but making pav bhaji at home is like pani puri, you never are satisfied with it if it's made at home.. somehow that punch is missing!

Radha said...

Well the real reason is that I'm a lousy cook :)

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