Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Safe in Dubai

My family back home & friends from around the world have been calling up to find out if things are okay here in Dubai (what with 'Violence in Middle East' flashing on CNN all the time). So to confirm my well being here goes a 'I am ok & things are fine in Dubai'. Sure, there is a lot of tension in the air. The mood in general in the arab world is, well, angry.

As a non-muslim living in the middle east, it is interesting to see passionate reactions of people around you. Its shocking and surprising that after so many years of violence & so many generations lost to terrorism, nobody seems to notice that violence is not taking anyone anywhere. Neither the palestines/hezbollahs, nor the Israelis.

Hope that people see reason in peace. And that goes for the people in mumbai too. I hope the hateful blasts don't come in the way of making peace with the neighbours.

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