Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Impressions of Delhi

Every city has a character. For example, I would sum up Mumbai as the 'Survival city' or Dubai as the 'Plastic City'. Similarly, if I had to describe Delhi, I would call it the 'City of Power'. Some sights from Delhi that I will not forget in a long time to come--

The Indian Parliament. Its an absolute irony that this building is the center of atrophy & decadence of the Indian machinery!

On the way to Agra, we stopped at an 'Indian Tourism Board' hotel where this little girl works. I thought she was a brilliant dancer & it is a pity that this tiny but smart package of talent & cuteness is being wasted as some silly 'tourist attraction'!

The India Gate is beautiful by night. No, it wasn't just good cinematography in Rang De Basanti:


Hamendra said...

Hey Radha,
Noted your weblog just today. It's really great stuff that you have been posting. Seems like you have been reading a lot!
I could not stop myself from commenting on this.
I too visited Delhi and Agra this Jan. We were a big team of around 25 people, most of them our International Business partners from Latin America. Incedently, we too stopped at the same place on our way to Agra. This is the one where there is also a Camel for a joyride, a snake charmer and a Steam engine,I guess. These guys had never seen these things was fun! Fond memories for me too! Keep blogging, I am going to bookmark your page :-)

Radha said...

Hi Hamendra! Thanks for that!