Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Himanshu made this. Isn't it great?


lalunadiosa said...

Wow...is it "painted" painted or MS Painted???
I like the colors!!!

Radha said...

Yeah, its painted painted. The good old way :)

M said...

didnt know that himanshu paints. this is good.

Radha said...

He paints on & off. He enjoys it.

Kaustubh Medhe said...

Hi Radha,
Interesting post!
I was in UAE for the past 3 weeks. Was staying in Sharjah, I was banking on Orkut to get ur number/ email to contact u, but Orkut was blocked by the ISP there, so i was stranded! Anyways, there is always next time!
Did manage to take that Big Bus tour though!

Radha said...

Hi Kaustubh!
Thats such a pity! Hope you enjoyed the summer of Dubai though! :)