Sunday, August 12, 2007

Amongst Men A Man

We've moved from the hotel to a serviced apartment (until we move into a regular apartment on September 1st). The serviced apartment happens to be right next to the 'Singapore Art Museum' & I like wandering into it....its got a pretty interesting collection of modern art. This one below is titled 'Amongst Men A Man'.


Moi said...

pretty straightforward a title, eh!!! :DD

do they allow camera inside the museums??? i am always so scared that someone will nab my camera , that i dont even dare ask if i can use mine...the last time i tried was in Anne Frank's house and soon they politely asked me to keep it inside though nowhere was it mentioned in that place that you cant use your cameras.

Radha said...

I usually just ask the security whether its ok to photograph. Most of the times, they say its ok as long as your dont use the flash.

Jas Bhambra said...

Starightforward and true, as one man/person/human being can be so much more than zillions of others!

It would be pretty straightforwrd to draw/paint as well! :)

Radha said...

Its quite interestingly put by the artist; I thought.

Lotus Reads said...

Nice photo, Radha!

We just returned from the museum at Auschwitz where the security guards turned a blind eye to all the people clicking away, so I decided that I should get some shots too. I feel a little guilty now, but at that time I had this urge to record every little thing that I was seeing, ya know?

Radha said...

Upload the pictures soon! Cant wait to see them!

J said...

Moral of the story.. have a big head and stad out from the crowd.. aka, dress differently :P

kaya said...

If I had to choose a saying that sums up my husband, I cannot think of a more appropiate one.
Thankyou for this.

Radha said...

Very funny! (Not!) :))

Really? I would thought of Jason Bourne...but maybe because I'd just seen the movie the night before! :)