Wednesday, October 24, 2007


The travel bug bit me again. We're going to Cambodia next month (yippie, I'm so excited!!). Planning this trip is like a dive into history: the Angkor sites are beautiful silent witnesses to rich ancient heritage; whereas the land-mine museum is a testimony to the depths of human avarice. This thought crossed my mind while I was sitting with my copy of the Lonely Planet- Cambodia:

History appears in many ways:
Through books, through stories,
Through songs, through cities.

Through pyramids & castles,
Through battle grounds & grave yards,
Through food & thought,
Through poetry, through art.

In the crystal ball,
There it is,
Only a pretense of future,
In fact a copy of the past.


Keshi said...

I accidentally commented in tge other post...:)

I want to go to Cambodia too!


clickable said...

Yay! I'm sure it will be a fascinating experience.

Parth said...

A la Jolie?

Moi said...

Cambodia....awesome, Radha.....come back with tons of pics, Plz!!!!!!!!

lol @ parth's comment....u not adopting a bay form there, are you?? :D

Moi said...

a baby from there!!! OOPS!! :D

Happy Reader said...

Sounds like you have a exciting trip ahead!! Enjoy :)

Radha said...

Then you should. Australia isn't that far away! :)

I hope so; just praying that my ankle recovers well in time for the trip!!

Parth, Moi,
You guys have been either watching too much tv or reading too many gossip mags :)))

HappY Reader,
Thanks! I've resolved to take as many trips around Asia as possible while I'm in Singapore. The air fare to Cambodia is $100 and hotel stay is like $30; so its hard not to be tempted into these weekend trips :)

Lotus Reads said...

Cambodia is definitely on my list of places to visit. Have a wonderful time, Radha! I want to sob at how cheap it is to get there from Singapore! I'll have to seriously look into traveling around the Far East when we visit India next.