Wednesday, November 21, 2007

On My Bookshelf

Came to my mind when I was browsing through my bookshelf & glanced at two of my favourite classics:

Perched together,
Tagore & Tolstoy,
Unfold two lives,
Of enchanting beauty,
And tragic love.

Apart even though,
In distance & time,
Binodini in Bengal,
Born in Tagore's ink;
Anna, a Russian Karenina,
Of Tolstoy's times;

But here on my bookshelf,

Share a fate nonetheless,
A beckoning of love,
A disenchanted life.


Keshi said...

**Tagore & Tolstoy,

my fav authors...

**Anna Karenina

is my fav by Tolstoy :)


666 said...

You are an impressive traveller reader. Keep it going

I shall be more regular in my commenting :-) ... but read all ur posts surely.. :-)

Parth said...

A snapshot of a person's bookshelf can reveal so much about them (assuming they at least attempt to read some of it)

Moi said...

girl, this is a masterpiece...seriously....i cant believe i share blogdom with your likes......i mean, when u get famous, i'll reap benefits by telling all that this woman used to comment on my stupid blogs!!!!!!! :)

beautiful work and i'm sure my father-in-law whose love for both Tagore and Tolstoy (i too love them) is supreme, will absolutely flip with delight when i share this with him :)

keep sharing :)

Radha said...

Mine too :)

Thank you :)
"Anna Karenina" and "Chokher Bali" are two of my favourites; and it always amazes me that these stories about women were written by men!!

Thats true. So what exactly does this reveal about me? :)

I'll respond when I stop blushing!! :))

suramya said...

I'm going to share in moi's raptures radha, that was truly amazing. I can't wait to pick up my tagore after this

Radha said...

Thank you :)

Moi said...

haha.....stopped turning crimson, yet?? ;DDD

Radha said...

Not quite :)
But thank you for those compliments!!

Lotus Reads said...

I second what Parth says...I think one's bookshelf says heaps about a person. Anna Karenina, although voluminous and with far too many characters, is probably one of the most moving stories I have ever read....and the ending, ok,ok, no spoilers,so I'll shut up!

You write beautifully Radha, keep 'em coming!

Radha said...

Its my favourite book too!
And thank you for the compliment :)

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