Saturday, January 17, 2009

Preparing, waiting

We've picked up quite a few things to go in the baby's room. Inspite of warnings from the families (that it would be bad luck to buy too many things before the baby actually arrives), we've done a fair bit of shopping in the spirit of "being prepared"; most of it will get delivered closer to the due date. We'll probably leave decorating the nursery for the last month. Doesn't mean I haven't started planning though.

Colourful musings; soft tender tones;
Some blue, some green, some red,
There is the pram; there'll be the baby's bed,

There we sit as we watch him play;
We could change this, get that new,

Trying our best to keep,
A promise of love; that we've made to you :)

PS: I do realise that my blog posts have been getting overly maternal these days :)


Sneha said...

Awww! :-)
Have you picked a 'theme' that goes with certain characters, etc.?

Jas Bhambra said...

Beautiful lines, Radha.

I remember that my mom said the same thing when my sister was expecting my niece!

I love the little clothes, they are so cute. Even though my nephew is now four, I still venture into the babies section and go "awww" at those tiny, cute clothes.

Happy Reader said...

How have you been, Radha? Its been a long time.. Your poem made me go back in time, wistfully longing for those days I will never get back again. Good luck with your preparations :)

666 said...

Hi maternal blogger.. no probs .. we get to read new and different things. Take care and hush.. no bad omen or anything. My blog blessings are unto ur son :-)

Best Wishes.

Satyajit said... want me off your blog? all you need to do is ask...

Parth said...

The anticipation is an experience by itself. Nicely written lines. Good luck with the 'planning' :)

Radha said...

No theme as of now; just trying to make it as colourful as possible :)

I know what u mean...the clothes are too adorable in that size!

Happy Reader,
Thanks :)
Well, second time is always a possibility, isnt it? :)

Thanks for the blessings! :)

Hehehe. I should expect a comment like that from you!

Thanks :) Any tips?

Moi said...

you must be just dying to see him now, aren't you!!!! :)

Aquin said...

You will make such an awesome mom ! When are you due ?

Radha said...

Absolutely! Can't wait!

Thanks :)
The due date is April 12!