Thursday, September 24, 2009

This is my frustration talking...

Damn you, Formula 1...!! Its been a nightmare getting to work all this week because of the blocked roads. Now I'm worried that the vroom from the engines is going to keep Kabeer awake over the weekend. Can't wait for the race to get over & be done with.


Moi said...

Booooo Formula 1!!!!


Fighter Jet said...

he he he.. :)
keep the ear muffs ready :)

iamyuva said...

its all over now..
but wondering what kabeer has done to you.!!;) how can you get frustrated with formula1?! if you can hear the sound from your house that's blessing..;))

666 said...

he he i wish i were in Singapore! would love to watch a race live. Will have to be content watching it on TV at midnight IST:-)

shakester said...

he he :)

shakester said...

you can hear the race at your place???

Radha said...

thx for the support in boo-ing :)


Thats motherhood :)

I believe its better followed on tv...thats what people say

Yeah. Kabeer's room particularly gets a lot of the vroom-vroom