Saturday, November 21, 2009

Does this happen to others too?

When someone says something offensive or rude to me, I almost never can think of a smart comeback right away; and then (sometimes days later) I'll think of a witty reparte, but it would already be too late to use it. And its such a burden of missed opportunity, I can't wait for that person to say/do something mean again.

Maybe I need to get a life.


Jas Bhambra said...

99% of the time! :)

Sneha said...

Happens to me ALL the time!!

Anonymous said...

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iamyuva said...

na..;) from school days used to give back witty (annoying) replies most of the time..

may be its so rare that you are not used too.!!;)

Aditi said...

I'm *so* with you :) my other failing is when someone is humorously sarcastic - I'm bad at come-backs in those situations too. although being sarcastic comes quite naturally - it's the 50% cobra side of me I guess :p