Monday, May 17, 2010

Mumbai again

It seems like ever since I decided to lose weight the universe has been conspiring against me. I was in Mumbai on work last week and this was my lunch menu through out the trip:

Wednesday - Kombdi-wada from Gomantak
Thursday - Garlic Pepper Prawns from Mahesh Lunch Home
Friday - Keema Pav from Cafe Excelsior
Saturday - Crab Masala from Gajalee
Sunday - Brunch at Just Around the Corner

Dear Food-in-Mumbai, I love you very much; but now I'm stuffed!

PS: Had a lovely time with family over the weekend & watching Kabeer bond with his cousin was priceless!! :)


Jas B said...

Wow, makes me hungry, this menu!!!

So cute...Kabeer bonding with his cousin!! God bless him!

666 said...

kombdi wada .. ha ha