Wednesday, June 02, 2010

What's going on lately

* I've been pondering lately whether I really know what the term "true calling" means. And if I do, is this it?

* I learnt that Atlas Shrugged is going to be a movie. And so is Life of Pi. Don't like the sound of that!

* The dilemma of a working mother has been nagging me quite persistently. Always treading that fine line between a 'good mother' and 'guilty mother' can be tiring. Seeing a completely guilt-free father doesn't help either.

* What's the saddest thing you've read recently? For me, it was this.

* Kabeer has 4 teeth now. And he's not afraid to use them. He has also decided that "papaya" is his favorite word.

* There are too many articles written about China, I agree. But thought this one was interesting. "Of the 22 Chinese corporations listed on the Fortune Global 500, none are privately held"....did not know that! By the way, I had an interesting conversation with two colleagues from work - one who grew up in Mao's China; another who grew up in pre-unification East Germany; and there was me who grew up in pre-liberalisation socialist India. It was weird how similar & dissimilar our experiences were!


666 said...

That must have been an interesting conversation with your collegues. Though i am inclined to think there are more dissimilarities to appreciate here rather than similiraties to reckon with.

Radha said...

Well, there were some similarities too...the concept of "ration cards".... the attraction of all things "imported"....and then when the floodgates opened, the excitement when foreign brands first came to the country; even common ones like McDonalds :o)

Merlin said...

Thats one of the reasons why I cannot think of settling down in China.
Why Atlas Shrugged? Why not Fountainhead??

Radha said...

Good question! Wonder why nobody's made The Fountainhead into a movie yet!