Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The worst days at work are made of this:

* I'm half-way through with making changes in a spreadsheet when Excel crashes & I have saved nothing.
* I fill-in an online form & the "Save/Submit" button at the bottom has turned a dissmal grey & my mouse does not have the power to save or submit all the information I've painstakingly typed out.
* I make a presentation in a new version of powerpoint but when I open it from a laptop with another version of powerpoint, all my pretty pie-charts are climbing on top of one another.
* I forget the Lotus Notes password I changed only a moment ago.

And people still think the Financial Crisis was tough on bankers!


Fighter Jet said...

So many troubles in same day? :D

iamyuva said...

* you worked all night on PPT only to find next day that isn't required or objective/agenda/priorities are changed

* you make document and told "you much details make short PPT" so you make PPT the told "need more detail make 1pager" - move content in various stupid ms-office formats.. xls, doc, ppt, mpp,..

Radha said...

@ FJ : No, thankfully not on the same day! :)

@Yuva: ha **shocked face**....that's happened to me too!!!

Moi said...

ha! My worst would be if I can't get my co-workers to see my point, despite trying hard!