Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Movies watched in the-longest-flight-ever

Midnight in Paris - I really enjoyed it, although it borders on cheesy (before going back to being charming).

Water for Elephants - Could've been an epic love story, but isn't. Definitely isn't.

Limitless - Your staple Hollywood thriller stuff.

Source Code - Firstly, how great is Jake Gyllenhall. The movie is interesting as well. A thriller with a twist & the ability to make you wonder.

Kungfu Panda 2 - Awesomeness.


~ a said...

Did you fly BA? I had the same selection for movies in my trip back to India from Boston too! :)

Saw Source Code - but found it utterly confusing and disappointed at the way it ended normally.

Water for Elephants - The movie begins by making you feel like it's going to be great but leaves you wishing it was made better. Agree with you on what it could've been but wasn't!

:) Great to compare movie notes! :D

Radha said...

@ ~a: Hey, welcome back! I flew Singapore Airlines.

I liked Source Code; I liked the concept of the 8 minutes of destiny vs. free will.