Friday, July 17, 2015

The long Indian sojourn

So little K finished his kindergarten end of May and he & I took off to India for a two-months long break. It's been our longest holiday ever and the longest we've been in India since we moved out of India (such are the perks of not being a corporate slave). 

The first leg of our trip was in Pune. We went trekking on Sinhagadh, ate dosa at Vaishali, petted rabbits at Japalouppe, spent time on J & S's horse farm, had lunch at Jadhavgadh, spent quality time with M, N & little A. It was a perfect break...much needed. 

From Pune, we went to Mahabaleshwar for a couple of days. It had rained in Mahabaleshwar just the night before we arrived & the weather was just perfect when we got there; a welcome respite from Pune's summer.

Even though I grew up in Mumbai, this was my very first visit to Mahabaleshwar. Ever. Isn't that crazy? Should go there every monsoon! 

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