Friday, February 19, 2016

Ruled by the mob

The mob holds a trial,
The mob's verdict is guilty,
The mob decides the punishment,
Nothing less than capital would do.

This happens on the streets,
This happens on the telly,
This happens on social media,
Who is the mob, who's who?

Are they people backed by facts?
Are they people who scream their vocal cords hoarse?
Are they people at all, you might ask,
It's okay, I've asked that too.

Thugs who rule by intimidation,
Thugs sneakily disguised as us,
Thugs who shame those who aren't thugs by asking,
Are you starting a coup?

It's easier of course to join that mob,
Than it is to stand apart,
Easier still to lay low and quiet,
And ask - What else could a lone guy like me do?

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