Saturday, December 16, 2006

Dubai Film Festival

Whew! A week of extensive movie-viewing at the film festival just got over.

Paris Je T'aime was the best pick from all the movies showcased at the fest. The producer commissioned 21 different movie makers from across the globe to make 5 to 10 minute movies staged in Paris & has put all those mini-movies in one movie! Some stories were very romantic, some funny, some sad and one was even scary. It was a brilliant movie!

Bobby was good, but over-hyped I thought. Its a movie about the optimism that Robert Kennedy brought to USA in times of the general gloom over the assasination of Martin Luther King & the Vietnam war; and what the death of RFK meant to the people of the country. The question-answer session with Joshua Jackson (he is cute!), Lawrence Fishburne & Joy Bryant was quite good.

Beirut Diaries is a documentary made by a young Lebanese girl about life in Beirut after Rafik Hariri's assasination, the demand for truth by the youth & how the campaign fell apart for political reasons. The story, I thought was eerily similar to the Indian story (inter-faith tension, politicians blaming all mishaps in the country on neighbouring countries, bomb blast every couple of years, a youth which inherited the legacy of communal disharmony). As the film maker said in her introduction to the movie, this movie raises more questions than finding solutions.

The Namesake is based on Jhumpa Lahiri's novel, and I thought nobody could've portrayed Ashima better than Tabu. She is the star of this movie. She is so beautifully complex as a simple-minded Calcutta girl.

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