Thursday, December 07, 2006


I watched last evening on NDTV, Parvez Musharraf’s interview on the Kashmir issue. It was a relief to see peace being discussed as an option.

As an Indian I had been conditioned to thinking that the fact that 80000 people have been killed in Kashmir since 1989, has been part of a war we have fought for decades defending our national boundaries. I’m sure there is a similar conditioning in Pakistan or even in Palestine/ Israel where people are led to believe that dignity and pride lies in defending the national borders and not the lives of the people within those borders.

Its time more of us realize that it is not patriotic to assert our claims on the borders; but it is patriotic to stop this wasteful loss of lives in our country.


M said...

so whats your solution to the issue?

Radha said...

My concern is the way the question is framed & then the solution would follow. The question should not be 'Who gets Kashmir', but 'Whats best for Kashmiris?'.

However, the best solution at this stage does seem to be autonomy to Kashmir.

DG said...

I am glad at least they have started talking about various options. Finally both sides have realised that the issue cannot be settled by wars or violence.

I hope & pray that God gives wisdom to the leadership of both palestine & Israel too. We have had enough bloodshed.

Radha said...

couldn't agree more.

Kishor Cariappa said...

Musharraf needs to play the Kashmir card every time he is in trouble. With elections soon, 'K' word will be all over the place. Poor Kashmiris!

Radha said...


As I said the politicians on both sides want ppl to believe that their claim on Kashmir is a matter of national pride. But its not just the politicians, but the whole nation which is responsible for the state that Kashmir is in today.

Prometheus said...

National boundaries without national pride. Does seem a bit like sex without love.

Not that Prometheus suggests war or politicking are in any measure considerable solution, but simply granting autonomy might not be the wisest option. This stance reeks more of 'I can't have it, you can't have it, so lets feed the dog'. Prometheus prays an autonomous Kashmir does not go the Darfur way.

Radha said...

Hi Prometheus!

National pride is important, but not more than lives of people. Of any state. Of any country.

I do agree that Kashmir today is so sensitive autonomy could lead to anarchy & chaos; the Iraq way. Dont suggest giving it to the dog, but rather buidling it in partnership.

Anonymous said...

It would be too simplistic to consider autonomy as a solution to the problem. There exists a group of people within Kashmir who does not want autonomy or freedom but accession to Pakistan..and these individuals have always played spoiler to any overture by the Indian administration. Also, what about the Pandits who have been displaced. Supposedly a large enough number to have a UN label-'internally displaced refugees'.
And Israel-Palestine is a completely different issue. Its usually clubbed with the Kashmir issue to justify the concept of 'Holy War'

Radha said...

Dear Anonymous,

Thanks for your comments. I agree the solution to kashmir is not a simple one. But empowering the people of Kashmir to make their choices is the only way ahead. It does need a lot of cautious hand-holding by both the countries.

The parellel between Kashmir & the Palestine-Israel conflict is only because that too is a case of politically motivated hatred leading to needless loss of lives.