Monday, April 09, 2007

Monsieur Ibrahim

I had heard a lot about this movie; and when I finally watched it last evening, it so lived upto my expectations!

Monsieur Ibrahim is a fictionalized account of a true story, set in the poor neighbourhood of Paris of the 1960s. A 16-year-old almost-orphaned Jewish boy Moses (Momo) strikes a friendship with Ibrahim, an old Turkish-Muslim immigrant who runs a grocery store opposite Momo's apartment. Ibrahim introduces Momo to faith, happiness & love on their journey together, and the story is about both - Ibrahim as well as Momo - finding peace & purpose. One of the most tender moments of the movie is when Ibrahim shares his interpretation of Sufism with Momo.

Omar Sharif is outstanding in his comeback movie; he looks & lives the character of Ibrahim. I did not fully understand the part involving Momo's brother Paulie (whether he really exists), and I'm not sure whether that part of the story was intended to be ambiguous. But overall, I thought it was a great sensitive movie.


Prashant said...

Will watch this for sure.

Smiles :)

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

I sooo wanna see it, I still haven't! Uff I love Omar Sharif

Radha said...

Hi Prashant,
I highly recommend this movie!

The only other Omar Sharif movie I had seen was Lawrence of Arabia and he looks nothing like that in Monsieur Ibrahim!

Lotus Reads said...

I agree! This was a beautifully and sensitively made movie with touching performances by Omar Sharif and the boy. I saw it a while back and it's one of those movies I wouldn't mind watching again.

Moi said...

i like the movie for the gracefulw ay it's done..and tho' Omar's not on my top-fav list, i really liked his performance here..the last one i saw from him was dr Zhivago!!!

Radha said...

Hi Lotus,
Isn't it really touching?

I wasnt a fan of Omar Sharif either; but I really liked him in this one!

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

lol well that movie is olllllllld! You should see him in Doctor Zjivago! Lord have mercy! lol

Radha said...

Haha! Well I havent seen the movie but now i'm intrigued !

reader said...

Radha writes very well.