Saturday, June 02, 2007

The Lion King

We watched the musical The Lion King at London's Lyceum Theatre. I have been a fan of the animated movie but have been curious to see how it would be presented on stage.

I was so impressed with the production quality of this play: the costumes, the sets, the tools used; are so imaginative and creative! It was quite breath-taking how the scene where Simba loses his dad in a jungle stampede was depicted on stage. Or how the costumes of Scarface & Mufasa made them look evil or majestic respectively. Or how the set of the hyena strong-hold, the graveyard, gave the stage an eerie creepy feel.

I loved it all!


Optimistic Guard said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the Lion King, I wish they start bringing these productions to Doobai, have a great rest of the trip.

Lotus Reads said...

I saw the "Lion King" in Toronto many years ago, it was such a treat, I would go see it again in a heartbeat!

suramya said...

I always loved the lion king, its one of my favourite musicals, glad u had that treat :)

Moi said...

oh boy!!! anything for Simba ..and for Hakuna matata :)

Radha said...

Well the trip is over, and I'm back to Dubai at 42 degrees celcius!! I wish too that there was more theatre in Dubai. They did bring Mama Mia to Dubai though-- did you watch it? I missed that one.

Yeah, i loved it too!! :)

Well, we dont get a lot of theatre in Dubai, so it was a rare occassion for me too!

Hahaha! Have you been to the play? I saw it being advertised in NYC too, if you get a chance you should catch it.

Megster said...

Thanks for the post..I hope to watch the Lion in act sometime this year! I've heard that its one of the best musicals on Broadway.

I watched Mamma Mia a couple of years ago- its terrific, esp. if you're an ABBA fan!

lalunadiosa said...

I second Megster's Mamma Mia reco.
It is so good - the costumes are sooooo awesome!

Radha said...

Meghna & Lalunadiosa,
Mama Mia was playing in Dubai for so long, but somehow we got busy with this and that and missed it in the end. I was so keen on watching it; maybe some other time.

Moi said...

No radha, i haven't been to the play..apart from my own school's theater, I haven't watched any in stipend is not enough to cover theater expenses :(

Radha said...

Ah well, Lion King will still be around when you're out of university :)

Sharmi said...

I too love watching Animated movies. have you seen over the hedge, Madagascar, chicken little etc, all this are my Son's favorite and we keep watching it on regular basis.:)

Radha said...

I loved Shrek...thats my all-time favourite! :-)