Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Relocating to Singapore

We are re-locating to Singapore in August & its going to be a big change! Are we excited at the prospect of living in a new city? Of course we are.

But I’ve spent hours thinking about all the things I’m going to miss about Dubai. I’m going to miss my friends, my apartment, my colleagues, the winters, the shawarmas, the house-help, hommour, DIFC, Shk Zayed Road, sheesha cafes, sheesh-taouk, the half-days in Ramadan, the creek, the weekends in Fujairah, and the general buzz of boom in Dubai...Sigh!

But to answer Nelly Furtado’s question, good things come to an end so that better things could begin! :)


Optimistic Guard said...

Hey Radha, good luck with the move, every time we enter a new chapter in our life the one we leave behind comes to mind, we miss things, look back at good times but the new chapter even with its challenges usually brings new adventures and joys our way.

666 said...

ohhh.. all the best .. erstwhile fellow city blogger

Btw that roster of things you miss makes me realize the uselessness of my existence in this part of the world haha


Radha said...

Thanks for that encouragement. Actually I feel excited and nervous at the same time about having to start life all over again in a new city. Dubai does provide the comfort of familiarity, I will definitely miss it. But I guess its time to move on :)

Ohh, I bet Dubai will miss me as much as I will miss Dubai :)
Btw, which of those things have you NOT tried in dubai? Pls dont say that you havent been to the creek or to sheesha cafes!!

clickable said...

It's a big move, no doubt. But I'm sure there will be many more things to discover and explore in this new place you will soon call home. All the very best to you and H.

Jas Bhambra said...

Good luck with the move, Radha. It can be quite stressful, hey.

Singapore is great as well. Although I have never been there, all my friends who have visited the placefor conferences and stuff have loved it.

Happy Reader said...

Good luck Radha :) I can totally relate..I felt nervous when I had to move to US, but oh how much I love this place now...With new places comes new adventures in life...From what I know, Singapore is an exciting place and I hope you like it..

suramya said...

I hope u have as good a time in singapore as you did in dubai, its a coincidence that I will be visiting singapore somewhere around august too, have fun with the move.

Radha said...

Thanks!! I'm calling it home already! :)

I have been to Singapore a couple of times & its a great place, I agree.

Happy Reader,
Thank you :) Well, we moved to Dubai 3 years ago and loved it. Hope the same happens with Singapore now!

Thanks hon. Lets meet up in Singapore then! :)

Keshi said...

Nice ending to this post. Good luck with ur move!


Radha said...

Thanks Keshi!

Lotus Reads said...

Change is always good, the best of luck with the move, Radha!

kaya said...

Wow! So aap from expensive country to even a more expensive country jaa rahi hai. Well you dont hv any kids so I guess it makes it easier.
GOOD LUCK with the move, and I am sure you will embrace your new life with the same humour and zest we see on your blog.
For both of you, may the good times roll and keep on rolling.

Sharmi said...

oh my you are going to talk to me from Singapore after a while. take care and do let me know once you are there. happy and safe journey!

diyadear said...

oh thats such a major change indeed. but yes as u say it its surely all for the best.. so good luck to u :)

anu said...

Hi, and all the best for relocating to Singapore. I'v visited Singapore and loved the place. The people are warm and friendly, and Singapore is beautiful. You'll visit little India there, very often. Most Indians do.

lalunadiosa said...

Good luck with the move Radha.
Did H leave already? Are you enjoying your temporary singlehood as much as you though you would? :)

Moi said...

hmmm....thats a BIG change!!! all my life i have felt like a vagabond ..moving from one town to another , trying ot make new friends in new schools..it used to be hell as a kid...but now i think i like the thrill of unknown....something like that expression goes "home is where i lay my hat"..but yeah home as in home will always be India :)

Moi said...

have fun, woman!!!! will love to see Singapore here on the blog..:)

suramya said...

that would be great :):)

Radha said...

Lotus, Diya, Sharmi,
Thanks! :)

Thats so sweet! Thank you! And you're right about Singapore being expensive!!

Hi! Thanks. Well yeah, I've been to Singapore and its a great place.

No, H is still around. He is leaving 1st week of June :)

Hey, welcome back!! Well, I think of Dubai as home now as much I think of Mumbai as home. Its strange leaving home, but exciting making home in a new place :)

We'll be in touch :)

Shake Al Ansaari said...

Hey radha
gud luck
don't worry singapore is no different from dubai :)

mookuthi said...

Hey Radha
Good luck with your move. Dont be surprised if u start comparing singapore to dubai the first 2 months...but in a years time you wouldnt want to move away from singapore. This has been my experience of moving from india to canada to UK to US. Good luck with new experiences... You will iam sure will have lots and lots of new experiences and i cant wait to read your blogs:) TC

Anitya said...

have a safe journey !

What a lovely quote: good things come to an end so that better things could begin! - I wish if it were true in my case too.

Jin said...

WOW! Good luck with your move hon & remember, we all want a step by step account of how your move goes!

Radha said...

Shake Al Ansaari,
Hi there! Well, I think Singapore is plenty different from Dubai. Although both have their own positives. Thanks for the encouragement :)

Thanks for your wishes. Well one of the reasons I'm excited about the move is that it will be a chance to experience a different part of the world, a different culture, different people!

Why do you say that??? Somethings wrong?? Dont worry...its not always apparent, but better things do come along :)

Thanks a lot Jin! Well I hope to blog as regularly, inshallah! :)

iamyuva said...

Dubai to Singapore shouldn't be that difficult relocation..

me too, might be.. not sure about future. anyways will be passing by Singapore and may be dubai before august since thatz best way to reach home from greece. will try to ping you if near by and if your interest cafeen.!

Good Luck..

Kishor Cariappa said...

Best wishes. No more tax-free salaries for you :)

Radha said...

Hey, would love to catch up !

I know how that hurts!! Even 15% tax is 15% more than what we have gotten used to !!

amna said...

Good luck with the move Radha! It's always difficult and takes a while to adapt to new places, but I'm sure you'll love it :) I'm moving from Houston to Karachi and I'm nervous as well as excited. I think it all comes with the territory huh?

Radha said...

Thanks & good luck to you too !!