Friday, June 13, 2008

Life Ahead

Years of half angst, half eagerness;
Anticipating my life ahead;
And now here I am, approaching the destination called "Life Ahead";
Wondering if this is where I dreamt of being then?


Parth said...

Perhaps, but shouldn't you be thinking of the 'Life Ahead' years from now?

Sneha said...

Beautiful words.. :-)

kaya said...

If there is no angst there is no eagerness.
Its like pleasure and pain.
One teaches you the value of the other.
And no matter where you are in life
there will always be "life ahead".

iamyuva said...

may be.. its better then your dreams.

Satyajit said...


J said...

Thinking of life ahead... Wonder what brought this on.

Make the best of what you have, cos tomorrow who knows what's in store.

Saint J ;)

Nilesh said...

beautifully said...

Radha said...

Of course I should. Well, the verse was just a passing thought; not really a complaint about my life today.

Thx :)

Well said!

In some ways it is; in some ways it is not. What matters is; I'm happy with it :)

And that means....?

Saint J,
Thanks :)
Well, as I was telling Parth, it was just a passing thought. Nothing that serious; I'm not brooding :)

Thanks! :)