Thursday, June 19, 2008

A year in La-La-Land

It's going to be a year in Singapore this July; and although we still feel like new-comers, it is home now. Sure, we still miss Dubai; but we've stopped comparing the two cities. Its like comparing ice-cream & Brad Pitt -- both are great, but in different ways.

My favourite things Singaporean?
1. The very cool people we met & friends we made in Singapore
2. The greenary & natural (??) beauty of the island
3. The quality & variety of Asian food
4. The fact that there are four national languages & a melange of inter-race customs, cuisines & festivals.
5. The quirky taxi-drivers (It takes time, but you do eventually find them entertaining & amusing!)


Kanishka Agiwal said...

Maybe you sould post a couple of weird "hatke" snaps of Singapore. The more orientals, the better. They always make a good portrait snap.

Are you a banker?

Sneha said...

I like your La-La-Land pun! :-)

suramya said...

:), the nicest thing I liked about it was that it was such a tiny country and yet so efficient.

Padma said...

:) I spent half a day in Singapore, thanks to the Visit Singapore program for passengers with layovers at the airport, what I found really sweet about the people there is that they are terribly proud of their country, every little thing about it. The guide even made sure she pointed out the subsidized apartment complexes for old people, near the airport. Have fun!!

Btw, ice-cream and Brad Pitt??:)

Radha said...

Wierd snaps?
Kind of a banker but not quite (I'm in the mutual funds industry).

You find this funny, lah? :)

Uff, the effecieny of this place is fantastic; but its also very by-the-book. If you have an out-of-the-ordinary reuquirement; you can rest assured that life is going to be tough for you.

Thats a very acurate observation, actually. Most Singaporeans are very pro-government. Except for the cab drivers; who will tell anybody who sits in their cab about how the government is screwing them over.

Aathira said...

I have been to Malaysia and since then have been planning S'pore but never did happen.

Lemme try this year around !

kaya said...

LOL @ ice cream and Brad Pitt.
(a fan of neither).
You made it,and you should celebrate.
When you move to a new place the simple things ,like the availability of your habitual foods, or small things make you feel homesick.
The streets, the shops, the faces, by the first 2 months the charm and wonder wears off, and you feel lost.
You know you are settled, when you think of buying something and the name of the shop/market just springs to your mind.
Mubarak ho

Radha said...

Singapore is worth a 1 or 2 days visit though, not more than that. Neighbouring places like Bali or Thailand are much more worth the while.

Nobody is allowed to say anything bad about ice-cream on this blog!
And thanks :) what you said abt *feeling settled* is so true. It was easier settling down in Dubai simply because it was so small. Singapore is much bigger in comparison & there are still parts of the city I haven't been to.

lalunadiosa said...

I never thought of comparing ice cream to Brad Pitt!