Thursday, November 13, 2008

Quantum of Solace

Watched "Quantum of Solace" this week. I have to say, getting into the movie, Bond was my least favourite secret service agent. Jason Bourne is hot; Ethan Hunt is passble; but James Bond, absolutely puts me off. Firstly, there's something very unattractive about a man with vanity. I also imagine Bond would be really fussy & irritating to be with (will have martini only shaken not stirred; won't stay in a budget hotel) -- snobbish & high-maintainence. And then there's that smug confidence of getting women into bed, which is so very unattractive in men.

But having said that, I find Daniel Craig the most likeable Bond so far. Probably because he was the first to fall in love. And also because he wears jeans to work sometimes (as against the previous Bonds who have always been in expensive well-tailored suits that eventually get soiled by blood & dirt).

About the movie -- well, it's a Bond movie -- there are good action scenes, exotic locales & pretty girls.


666 said...

Firstly about Bond, I like him exactly for the reasons you dislike him (keeping aside the point regarding your Mithunda dream sequence).

I am completely in the Pierce Brosnan camp. Craig lacks the suave, the sytle, the composure and it appears is following in love and all.. tch tch.

Parth said...

Really? Ethan Hunt over James Bond??!!!

I am off watching the movie tomorrow for the exact reasons you summarized in the last line of your post :-)

Radha said...

If you knew someone like that in real life, I'm sure you wouldn't be able to stand him! :)

Btw, I belong to the yash-chopra school of thought....when boy meets girl, they must fall in love :)

Ethan Hunt wasn't so bad in the first MI movie, was he? It was before Tom Cruise started going crazy.

Have fun at the movie :)

iamyuva said... are such a woman.;!)
bond is ultimate male fantasy.;D.. with all GGGs (guns, gadgets, gals).
sean connery is very good. daniel craig is up there. but ya...i like new bond movie. they are trying to expand market base. so far good reviews. but i read gadgets are coming in next one..

Anonymous said...

I just saw the movie too but oddly enough I thought this Bond is way better dressed than the older ones.
The Pierce Brosnan Bond was way over dressed but the other ones were not always this suave even in their jeans!
I remember the Sean Connery Bond in Hawaiian shirts and bush shirts!
I thought there were too many long drawn fight sequences. I think I am a fan of the older Bond movies with real intrigue and chase rather than only dishoom dishoom.

Moi said...


I think I am kinda old-school..I still can't get Sean Connery out of my head......him and Aston Martins.....they defined JB for me......... but honestly I dont care much Bond. I think I prefer the rugged charms of the king of cool Steve McQueen in his Mustang over a suave Bond in their fancy four wheels!!!! :)

media boy said...

Quantum of Solace is entertaining at least... a lot of high quality visuals, but the movie as a whole could stand to lose six or seven fewer chase scenes

Radha said...

What can I say; I am a woman!! :)

Yasho, Moi,
Although I really like Sean Connery, I've never been in awe of James Bond when played by him.

Media Boy,
I agree!

kaya said...

Me I am not a BOND fan at all. Pheww a man like that would have more crap on his dressing table than I would.
And as far as sweeping evrything off the dressing table for action goes, altho I did like Roger Moore, but "pretty" men tend to be sooooo boring.

kaya said...

Having said that I would rather dine with Hannibal Lecter.