Monday, November 10, 2008

Weekend in Macau

I had a stressful last week at work thanks to all the market turmoil & was looking forward to a totally stress-free weekend. So H planned a weekend getaway for us in Macau. It was an impulsive holiday -- we literally booked our flights on Friday & were off on Saturday morning.

Macau is all about casinos. And casinos. And then there are casinos. A world so far removed from all the recessionary fears we hear about everywhere these days. The casinos were crowded, money was being bet in millions, & towards late evening it seemed like the whole of China was in Macau (we were probably the only two brown-skinned people there). Yes, we did gamble, but I won't get into the painful details of how we quadrupled our money on day 1 & then watched it all evaporate on day 2 into the hands of a sympathetic but lousy dealer. Then I vowed to settle the score with him & lost some more. If only we had some more time there....!

"The Venetian" was surreal. Really. Re-creating Venice on a Chinese-Portugese island can be neither easy nor inexpensive. It reminded me of the movie "The Truman Show". It was amusing how our gondola-driver (who insisted on singing an Italian love song for us on the canal); looked Asian but spoke with an Italian accent; and told us made-up folk-lore about how true lovers always kiss under the 'bridge of reality'. It was romantic, but in a really really cheesy kind of way! :)


Fighter Jet said... u r having a ball of time..great :)

Sneha said...

The baby's already learning how to gamble, eh? :-)

Parth said...

Macau is supposed to be bigger than Vegas, isn;t it?

Radha said...

Fighter Jet,
Yes, would've probably been more fun if we had won some at the casino! :)

I hope he/she was sleeping while we were at the casino!! :))

Yeah, they say the Macau casinos gross more than the Vegas ones.

Satyajit said...

casinos are like black holes man. they just suck you in and refuse to let go. the design of a casino is driven by right from the color of the carpet, to the music in the background, to the slot machine placements and lack of clock inside a casino.
moving on....seems like u had a blast.

Radha said...

That's so true! it's fun when you do it on a weekend or a holiday; but i can so relate to people getting sucked into it...they make it so addictive!

clickable said...

Haha...this post reminded me of our trip to Vegas - it was like an alternate reality. Especially the Venetian :)

Radha said...

Wasn't it bizzare & unreal?

Moi said...

you go girl!!!!!! i havent seen anyone having as much fun while pregnant ;DDDD

continue to have a good time :)