Thursday, December 18, 2008

Being 6 months pregnant

The best thing about the 6th month of pregnancy:
The kicking :)
To feel the little person inside me; alive & kicking (quite literally); with feet & fists that are incredibly strong for his size*; this first connection between me & my baby is quite a special feeling.

The worst thing about the 6th month of pregnancy:
The appetite.
I've been nicknamed "Porky the Pig". I have an appetite these days for everything edible. Any time of the day. Any number of times.

* The doctor says he weighs around 500 grams right now. Isn't that adorable? :)


Fighter Jet said...

thats so lovely!

666 said...

arre waah.. 6th month has already come. How time flies.. I still recall you in teh 3rd month :-)

Enjoy and take care, porky

Radha said...

Fighter Jet,
Yes, it is :)

On second thoughts, maybe I shouldn't have disclosed the new nickname on my blog!

Jayne said...

I put on 30+kg when I was carrying Spadge, but lost 27kg within 6wks of his birth. I still blame him for my middle-aged 'spread'........
gotta find an excuse somewhere haven't I?? LoL
Don't worry about the weight gain or eating habits hon. Pregnancy does all sorts of weird & wonderful things to the body.

Aquin said...

I had no idea !!! Congratulations Radha!

Radha said...

Not worried at all about the weight gain! :)

Thanks :)