Friday, December 19, 2008

Mumbai Terror Attacks - few weeks later

I am a big fan of Arundhati Roy; although I don't quite agree with all her views (her anti-globalisation stance, for example). But I thought this article by her on the Mumbai terror attacks hit very close to home & was very thought provoking. I agree with the essence of what she observes, that India is completely in denial that the problem could be within (irrespective of whether or not the ISI was involved).

PS: I don't agree though that the Taj is an icon of the inequalities & injustice in India. I think its an icon of the 'good life'; the opportunities & dreams that make Mumbai the city it is.


yogsma said...

Once upon a time, I was a fan of her ..and I don't respect her anymore specially after her statement that "India should give Kashmir to Pakistan" ...She needs introspection and should control herself from expressing about certain sensitive issues.

clickable said...

The 3 harrowing days of the attack are over; and with it the media coverage (especially in the US). This was India's 9/11, but I wish the reactions were more sustained. Am I even outraged with the apathy? I guess not.

Fighter Jet said...

Arundhati is a geniune stupid writer.She should focus on things sh is good at.Like writing stories,writing about social movemnts..not about Kashmir,nuclear missile and globalization of which she hardly has any historical knowldege.

While I respect her writes on Narmada Dam etc..but in this case she has gone too far.Not all the ruibish she writes can be substantiated.

Kanishka Agiwal said...

I second the thought that she is a genuine stupid writer. To link Kashmir to the Mumbai terror attacks is way to far fethcedh. Ti is very clear that all the terror attacks in the last 1 year or so had nothing that said "Give us Kashmir and we will stop" It was a plain terror attack aimed at India seen as a part of the so called Wester zionists as one Pak scribe puts it on a video widely out on YouTube. It had no Kashmir foot prints and infact if statistics are anything to go by, the Kashmir problem is slowly waning out with a pan India problem and that is not driven by Kashmir. If it were Ksahmir, Jews and foreigners would not be targeted.

To link 4-5 different issues into one is something fiction writers are good at and Arundati is no exception.

Parth said...

I have to agree with the rest in disagreeing with her. I think she has gone too far in her suggestions this time.

Out Roygeous said...

Roy didn't make sense. It is something more than stupid, read this: In which Arundhati Roy gives herself those ones.

Now Mumbai's evidence is out there ( Snapshots of evidence ) for everybdoy to see, including Roy.