Tuesday, February 10, 2009

25 Things About Me

A facebook tag from my friend Aquin; so here are 25 things about me:

1) I was born in Mumbai & it still is my favourite city. Growing up, I never realised that it was such a difficult place to live in for people who aren't born there. I see that now, but love the city anyway.

2) I love Bollywood. Not because I don't see its absurdity; but I love it inspite of the absurdity. Maybe even for it. After all, this is a world where Rakhee can be confident that her dead sons will return to kill Durjan Singh; and then they do return; without seeming even remotely far-fetched.

3) I enjoy reading. My favourite classical authors are probably Tagore & Tolstoy. While in Dubai, I found myself reading a lot of Arab authors & really enjoyed most of them. It changed my perceptions about Arab literature. These days, I'm digging some good Chinese authors.

4) I have a long wish-list of art I would love to own. But its always the expensive one's that I like (and therefore can't buy). I aspire to have a MF Hussain in my home someday.

5) The current #1 on my list of must-visit travel destinations is China & Japan. China, because I want to see Beijing; I've heard so much about it! And Japan because I want to eat Jap food. And also because I wonder if Tokyo is anything like what they show in the movies.

6) I believe in God; but I'm not God-fearing. I don't believe in rituals; I find that they lose meaning over a generation or two. I do believe in prayers though. I go to temples or churches occassionally (very rarely actually); but I prefer connecting with God in the solitude of my own home.

7) I love my work. There's nothing else that I would rather do professionally. But that doesn't mean I don't find my weekends awfully short.

8) I find 25 is an incredibly large number; I don't have that much to talk about myself!

9) I try to eat healthy; but rarely succeed.

10) My cooking skills have improved since I moved to Singapore. But H is still the better cook among the both of us.

11) My earliest childhood memories involve me fighting with my brother. He was bigger & stronger than me; but I had a shorter temper. So I inevitably picked up fights that I had no chance of winning.

12) I was a nerd in school. I used to wear big plastic glasses & had braces on my teeth. I was quite like Ugly Betty. Except I never got a job in a fashion magazine. And never had a cute boss.

13) Everyone who knows H & I as a couple, acknowledge that we're poles apart. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing. But its been 9 years and we're still going strong; so I guess we work.

14) I have a habit of asking hypothetical questions to H to gauge his love for me. Like, "will you re-marry if I die?" or "if you knew the world was coming to an end in the next 2 minutes, what would you do?". He never gives me the answers that I expect (i.e. "of course not; I'll never get over you" and "I will hold your face one last time"). His answers are always unromantic (i.e. "I'll die before you do because women have better life expectancy" or "If the world is coming to an end anyway, I will smoke as many cigerettes as I can without worrying about its health effects"). Inspite of those answers, I feel compelled to ask him more questions.

15) The pregnancy has changed me a great deal. Its one of the rare occassions when I find myself thinking more about another person, rather than myself. Before this, I was pretty much self-absorbed.

16) My dad has been my hero for the longest time. Until he got older & I realised there was a negative side to being a stubborn over-achiever. I still do consider him the most intelligent man I've come across. Sadly, that part of the gene pool went to my brother rather than me. I only got his looks, which lets be honest, aren't very impressive. I would've rather inherited my mother's looks.

17) I find its never a good idea to ask, "so what's new?" when I run out of conversation. In my experience, 99% of the time, the other person will respond with "nothing".

18) I like to dunk biscuits in my tea or coffee.

19) I love my nephew. Cuddling him (whenever he allows me to do that) is the most satisfying thing ever. The fact that he hates it does not bother me.

20) I hate awkward conversations. I can never tell someone, "I think your fly is open"; I would rather pretend I didn't notice.

21) I love the British accent.

22) I can't believe I've said 21 things about myself already!

23) I hate smoking ever since I lost my grand-dad to cancer. Yet, I'm married to a smoker :(

24) I like the idea of spending old age in a small cottage in the mountains surrounded by green valleys & blue brooks. Maybe Nainital. But I know I'll never get there. I'm too used to city comforts.

25) I'm the worst driver I know.


Happy Reader said...
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Happy Reader said...

Loved this post :) Your hypothetical questions to your H and his unromantic answers made me LOL. You are not alone ;) Beijing is a really nice place.. especially the forbidden city..

Jas Bhambra said...

#'s 19,20,21,and 24. Ditto for me!

And lol@ H's answers to your hypothetical questions! :)

Hope you are doing great!

666 said...

I totally agree and am proud of H's answers. Hypothetical questions deserve hypothetical answers :-)

And whats with this british accent bhai.. jisko dekho angrez ki aulaad banne chale!

Well I can do 25 things about you as well. starting with your nickname..

raina_v19@hotmail.com said...

Hey Radha ...

We shud definitely get in touch! I am also based in Singapore and our outlooks match a great deal!!

Satyajit said...

After reading your "25 things about me" all I can say is...."Can I make yours franship"

The hypothetical questions were awesome. H's answers were the best a man can come up with. These hypothetical questions seem to be hardwired into the female gender. Get a lot from my better half too.

Parth said...

Loved point 2 :)

Aquin Dennison-Mathew said...

You are hilarious - I am laughing so loudly as I type. Tell me, does Himanshu keep a poker face as he answers those questions? And I liked what you observed in #17 .. so true!

Fighter Jet said...

no 14 is so cute :)

Kanishka Agiwal said...

No I am not going to comment on the points made, but a very interesting observation. You start of with very general points about yourself - things you would put on Facebook/Orkut - but midway you get more candid and reveal things that generally come out after 5 rounds of spinning the bottle during a game of Truth or Dare. Maybe if this were "50 things about me" we probably would have had a more candid cover page story. ;)

The last time this viral thing hit out..it was 8 things...and prior to that it was 5. So who ever is triggering them sure knows a thing or two about psychology.


mookuthi said...

I love all 25 things about you esp i cant believe i wrote 21 things ..heheh...i love british accent too:)))))))) and i too love dipping my bisc in T OR KaPi as they say in south:)