Friday, February 20, 2009

Being 8 months pregnant

The best thing about the 8th month of pregnancy:
The ultra-sound scan.
By this month, our baby weighs a whole 2 kgs! We look nostalgically at the scans from the first few months when he looked nothing more than a speck of grey on a black back-ground; and can't help going, "aww, our little boy is all grown up!". (I even catch myself thinking sometimes that "he's going to get married & have his own kids soon!") Yes, I do realise that he's not even born yet.

The worst thing about the 8th month of pregnancy:
Time crawls.
The feeling that the countdown has begun, but its not moving as fast in reality as it is in my mind.


Satyajit said...
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Satyajit said...

am sure u have visualized your unborn, to-be daughter-in-law already.
you coming to india for the delivery?

Radha said...

No, its not that bad. Although I would like him to marry my best friend's daughter; she's due 3 months after him :)
No, the delivery is in Singapore. Couldn't be bothered with the travelling back & forth.

Jas Bhambra said...

Yeah, the time is a flying!
Take care dear girl.

666 said...

ha ha :-)

All the very best. Deliver well :-) and hope you post the results on the blog ASAP!

Take care

Aquin Dennison-Mathew said...

Ohhh Radha, I am all excited for you. Now is the time to take some great portrait pictures with the big belly. Trust me Radha, you will look back at awe at how big you had become right before you popped. Go get a great photographer NOW!

J said...

Heeey.. nice to see you around. Wow.. you having a baby. My my my... time sure flies.

All the very best.

clickable said...

Haha...the promises we make for our unborn babies!

yogsma said...

All the best Radha...and do take care.

Radha said...

Jas, 666, J, Yogsma,
Thanx :)

Will do :)

But you have to admit, it would be freakish but cute :)

Moi said...

8 months!!!! wow!!!! you will get there soon........"feels like yesterday" you broke the news here on the blog...well for you i;m sure it has been worth the wait or shall i say weight ??!!! :DD

have a good time....loads of hugs :)