Sunday, March 15, 2009

Six-Word Memoirs

Another one of those Facebook exercises - - There's this book "Not Quite What I Was Planning"; its a compilation of memoirs written by people; each one lasts only 6 words. I haven't read the book yet; but a friend on Facebook prompted me to try writing my own 6-word-autobiography.

Ordinarily, I never have a problem being concise; but describing my whole life in 6 words took a lot of attempts (besides, am I not way too young to be writing an autobiography?)
"An epic drama. Tears & laughter."
"Turned 30. Don't feel it yet."
"My optimism made me like this."
"Wish I could sing or paint."
"Been in love. Been loved. Yippie!"

I finally settled for this:
"Ordinary things happened between extra-ordinary moments."

I know its pretty lame (too generalised?); but somehow it was the only 6-worded sentence that could sum up my life so far. Give it a shot; not as easy as it looks! :)


Fighter Jet said...

interesting activity..autobiography in six words!

666 said...

Very interesting.. I shall take it up;-)

Satyajit said...

"Now uc me, now you don't"

kaya said...

This is yours:

Nothing more needs to be said.
How many more days to go?

Moi said...

Not easy, for sure.....I jumped from 666's blog here...and your choices (even the rejected ones) at least make more sense than most of his ;DDDDDDDDD

I cant think of any right now...except
"Your guess is asgood as mine"
Ok, I cheated! Maybe........
"And I am none-the-wiser" :)