Saturday, March 07, 2009

Colourful Singapore

I've blogged before about my fascination with colourful Singaporean buildings -- the vibrant Clarke Quay and the charming wooden window panes of the Old Hill Police Station. I like such structures because they seem to bring some shred of exuberance to the otherwise clinical look of this city (Not that these colours are all spontaneity, but they are cheerful).

Continuing on the same theme, I also find the "Red Dot" building here, well, very red. And very striking. Reminds me of an over-sized English telephone booth. In a quaint way.

Also like this graffiti-styled exterior of the Performing Arts Center. What do you think of it?


Kanishka Agiwal said...

The red building looks very much like the High Court in Blore. If you have been to Blore you will know what I mean. Most buildings during that era were colored red to denote governmental structures and also because red oxide, used to color them, was cheap to source from iron ores. said...

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Fighter Jet said...

the red buliding does look like sries of telephone booths :)
Agree with ya !

Jas Bhambra said...

Whatever it resembles, the red building sure looks pretty!

And the graffiti is excellent as well. Another place to find great graffiti art...NYC!

How are you doing?

Moi said...

kanishka took words right off my finger tips.......that building is so much like the high court in bangalore......colonial legacy, i guess.

grafitti/murals.......i love street art......:)

Radha said...

Kanishka, Moi,
But this is not a brick red. Its a brightly painted red. Its really very striking.

Fighter Jet,
Doesn't it? :)

I'm doing good, thank u :)
Yup, remember seeing some fantastic grafiti in NYC.