Friday, May 22, 2009

American Idol

I followed this season of American Idol & loved both the finalists. Personally, I would've voted for Adam, but I do prefer the under-stated over the flamboyant & thought Kris was a more "likeable" guy among the two -- his modesty gave him a certain vulnerability; which was lacking in Adam, who was more of a confident showman

And then today I saw this news piece on YouTube. I don't know if American voters really were biased against Adam; but it would be ridiculous if it were true. Especially so because its America!


dish network said...

Adam Lambert should have won American Idol. This show has got to be rigged! Oh well, Adam will go on to stardom while Kris Allen will go nowhere.

Moi said...

Honestly, Bill O reilly and Fox are just the wrong sources to believe anything........that guy gets on to my nerves even if I have to hear/watch him for less than 2 seconds.....Having said that, I also believe that America is far more conservative in its socio-moral outlook than Hollywood would want us to believe!!!!

I haven't ever really watched American Idol and have been ridiculed for that reason by my American coworkers but even in the small li'l remote town that I currently call home, no one ever ever expressed an issue with sexual preferences/orientations of the candidates.