Friday, May 15, 2009

The Mummy Returns

So the chaos has subsided & normal life is being restored at our home. We've started going out, meeting other adults and getting bits of sleep every now & then.

Before we had Kabeer, I had resolved that I won't turn into one of those parents who can't stop talking about their own baby. But inspite of my best efforts, I cant help talking about Kabeer's angelic smile. Its the most heart-melting, "awwww"-generating, cuddle-worthy & kiss-inspiring thing I've seen. Here's some proof:

PS: Doesn't his face remind you of chocolate? :)


Jas Bhambra said...

He sure is "AWWWWWW" generating!
God bless him.
Good to know that things have normalized a bit! :)

Parth said...

That's a quick return to normalcy, or as I call it, the 'new normal'. Very cute baby. I can imagine hard disk space quickly filling up with videos and photos.

Fighter Jet said...
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Fighter Jet said...

the baby seems to be in real bliss :)

Sneha said...

How cute!
Please tell Kabeer I said 'Lalabaladadadabaabaa'. I'm sure he'll know what it means.. :-)

Radha said...

Kabeer says thanks for your compliments & blushes :)

Hard disk filled up in the first month itself! His dad is going beserk with the samera! :)

Fighter Jet,
He does :)


Moi said...

haha!!! he is pure chocolate... hugs and more hugs for can see, I'm the smothering types :DDDD

mookuthi said...

he is an angel.... how old is kabeer?