Sunday, July 05, 2009

Kabeer is 3 months old

Kabeer celebrated his 3-month-birthday by going to a baby spa (how pampered are we!!) & loved his first experience of swimming. It was so much fun to watch him swim, we promptly took up membership at the spa. I think this is the next Michael Phelps in the making :)

Starting with the warm-upThen in his pool:And he turned out to be a natural swimmer :)


Jas Bhambra said...

Awwwww, so cute. We love him! Please pass on numerous hugs and kisses to our sweetheart! :)

I wish my Mom and Dad had put me in a pool at 3 months of age...if it were so I wouldn't be struggling to swim now!! Maybe I'll take lessons from Kabeer! :)

Sneha said...

They have baby spas?! That's awesome!

Kabeer looks cho chweet :-)

Radha said...

Jas, Sneha,
Thanks :)
I think he gets the cuteness from me :)

Sneha said...

He definitely has your eyes :-)
Hope you're enjoying your time with Kabeer! When do you get back to work/

Anonymous said...

How cute is that !!! he does look a natural.

We just had a baby boy end May, btw I chanced upon this book "How to teach your baby to swim - Douglas Doman" the other day at Kinokuniya.

Normally I'm averse to "How to...." book, found the story being told in way of pictures pretty endearing. Needless to say I'm now looking for a good spa where my new born could show off his swimming skills :), but haven't found one yet.

May I ask which Spa do you take Kabeer to?

Moi said...

haha! he's such a sweetheart. he sure looks like a born swimmer......come to think of it, that's how Phelps may have celebrated his 3rd-month b'day!!!!! :)