Monday, July 27, 2009

Port Dickson, Malaysia

We went to Port Dickson for three reasons: (1) H was dying to make a road trip in his much loved Porsche (2) I desperately wanted a getaway before I start work again, and (3) this is an ideal age for travelling with Kabeer - he is young enough not to move on his own & old enough to be able to sustain the travelling.

It took a lot of planning - we were carrying about 15 pieces of luggage (including a steriliser, toys, bath stuff, bed stuff, pram, rocking chair & boiled water among many many other things). In the end, it was all worth it because..

(1) Kabeer turned out to be the most non-fussy traveller :) He was cheerful in his car-seat for the 5 hours drive from Singapore to Port Dickson. He surpassed all our expectations & gave us another reason to love him even more :)
(2) I experienced the best massage I've ever had & for the first time, got one while overlooking the sea :) and

(3) H loved the drive. The drizzle made it even more memorable for him


iamyuva said...

road trip in porsche.!! wow.. only that sentence explained how wonderful trip was.

J said...

Kabeer is a lucky kid to ride a porcsche at such a young age ;)

mmmm, massagaes.... i'm a big fan of the massage balinese

Parth said...

Aah, experiencing parental pride? On most occassions, these kids just have to BE, and they make us proud :)

Moi said...

awww! look at that smug smile... and those cheeks are so "pinchable" :DDDD

Jas Bhambra said...

He is a traveler! :)
So cute, adorable. Please shower him with hugs and kisses from my side.

clickable said...

You carried a rocking chair with you! Must say you guys don't travel light.

Radha said...

The rocking chair earned its seat by proving itself to be the fastest means of getting kabeer to sleep :)