Monday, August 10, 2009

Dev D.

I loved this movie. I had seen SRK's Devdas and hated it (special mention needs to be made here of SRK's long-drawn death scene & its hideous melodrama); and when I saw the promos for Dev D, I expected it to be an edgier, less glamourised, more real version of the same story, but the tragic tale of Devdas without melodrama was hard to imagine.

I also thought that the story of Devdas was basically bland - lost love makes this weak man drink himself to death - devoid of any strong characters. Well, Dev D is a loser too, he is selfish too, and he definitely suffers from a bigger male ego than SRK's Devdas; but he never tries to invoke pity from me (the viewer) & I wanted to know how far he would go with his insane broken heart/ ego. A Paro with attitude and gumption also was an interesting twist.

What I liked about this movie was its audacity. I don't mean just the audacity of the language, or the openness about sexuality, or even the audacity of Paro's character; but the audacity that the movie has shown in doing away with the filminess of Devdas' tragedy.

Abhay Deol, I'm a fan.


J said...

It made an interesting film to watch. Honestly it was only half way through did I realize that it was yet another Devdas flick.

Jas Bhambra said...

You are tagged dear girl! :)

Merlin said...

"What I liked about this movie was its audacity."
I couldnt agree more. And its the audacity to do all the things you mentioned, for one, being one of the movies that shows that even Indian ladies have hormones which work. I have stayed in Delhi, and seen the life which the movie talks about, and it has been potrayed in a sensitive, and yet accurate manner. I love the brazen way the movie shocks the audience, it doesnt spare you from any of the hard truths. For once the heroine is not a virgin. For once the hero is a wrong-doer, a loser and yet not an anti-hero. I loved the movie. But I am in a minority. And I am happy that at least one blog talks about it in a positive way.

"Abhay Deol, I'm a fan" I am one too. He proved that he is not just the chocolate boy romantic hero.

Radha said...

Really? Hadn't you seen the promos?

Will do this soon!

Hi. Welcome.
Yup, Abhay Deol is far from chocolate boy. He's not a toughie muscle man either. He's made this nice niche for himself where he does selective movies. Like him!