Monday, February 22, 2010

Holiday in Bali

I admit, Bali is not the same when you go there with an infant. We weren't those carefree bag-packers on rented 2-wheelers; we were the resort-by-Kuta-beach holidayers! It's not something we used to do in our pre-parenthood life, but something we don't have too much trouble getting used to! :) Some picture memories...


Jas B said...

Life changes hey, but resort is good too! :) Hope you had loads of fun with Kabeer!

Lovely pictures, the sunset is beautiful!

666 said...

He he.. I can understand it one step behind. My pre marriage vacationing was significantly different from what its now! But correctly, its a minor adjustment.

We just went to Pondicherry-Mahabalipuram. Will put some pics.

I loved the first snap.

Radha said...

The resort was excellent; left us thoroughly pampered! :)

I want to see pics from Pondicherry!!

Fighter Jet said...

The paddy filed reminds me of my village :)
The sunset/sunrise picture is awesome :)

Merlin said...

Awesome pics!! Need to plan for Bali... :)

And your comments about life changing scare me when I think of a life post kids!!

Radha said...

Really? What village is that?

Did that sound scary? Hmm, we had a blast in Bali! It was different, i admit; but I didn't say it was "less fun" ! :)

iamyuva said...

i never been to bali.. but that sounds like fun..

Vishal said...

Beautiful pics Guddi. Love the rice paddies. Reminded me of Neha and my trip there.

suveerb said...

What's the beach like in Bali?
I mean are they good to swim in?
We (T and I) just got back from an awesome week-long vacation in South Goa... lots of great memories...

Anil P said...

The first picture of the beach, incredibly serene.

Radha said...

Yup, it was beautiful. A bit too hot for my liking (not a big fan of the sun!)but a gorgeous place!

When were you & Neha in Bali???????

Just checked tanushree's travelogue! Loved reading it!!!